‘Gyotaku’ (Fish rubbing) as a traditional art form of Japanese fishermen which was originated to be started by samurai warrior in the Edo period, 19th century, and have been believed to have such the common discipline and spirituality of ‘Bushido’ (Samurai’s chivalry).
Gyotaku of ‘Akana’ as an Okinawan two-spot red snapper as signed. Masanobu Tsuneyama as a fisherman, and Naoji Kimura as an observer of Settsu fishing club at seashore point #2 in Irabu Island in Okinawa prefecture, May 20th in Showa 52 (1977). Rubbing on fabric backed with a wooden board. Some aging degradations as seen. approx. 86.5 x 58 x 1.7cm (34.05 x 22.83 x 0.66in)



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