Japanese Hagi Ido tea bowl by Kanzan

Hagi Ido chawan with sign of ‘Kanzan’ (as Shinjo Kanzan 12th or 13th), early-mid 20th century, as a wabi masterpiece from distinguished Shinjo family which had been descended from the patronized Fukagawa kiln (Fukagawa-Hagi ware). Artfully eclectic but also very fundamental re-creation with the landscape of classy deterioration (percolation and its discoloring to profound loquat color often called as “growth”) caused by countless time of use for tea (specially for ‘koi-cha’ as thick-tea). Comfortably bold size with rich texture and weight. approx. D 14.5cm (5.70in), H 9cm (3.54cm) In aesthetically used condition as is, with a few slight hairline crack.



# 772
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