OMIKUJI-BAKO – Shinto/Buddhist wooden box with fortune sticks

Old type of Japanese ‘Omikuji-bako’ (Wooden box with fortune bamboo sticks with numbers written on), Meiji-Taisho period in early 20th century.
Sacred black-lacquered rectangular parallelopiped in mature condition by many thousands of worshipper’s hands. (as shake it and flip it upside down to slip a stick out)
Slightly remained the words of ‘Omikuji’ (Fortune slip) on label at front and the red-lacquered name of its Shinto shrine or Buddhist temple as the belonging at the backside.

approx. H 26.8cm (10.55in), W 10.3 x 10.3cm (4.05 x 4.05in)



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