Japanese Seto-Tenmoku tea bowl 16-17th century

Japanese Seto ware tenmoku tea bowl of Momoyama-Early Edo period, originally modeled from Chinese black (iron) -glazed Tianmu bowl brought to by Japanese Buddhist monks in 13th century. (Specifically as academically, classified into the later Old Seto tenmoku chawan of the transition era as a little before named as “Ko-Seto ware”.) Very “Japanizedly” interpreted to be made “imperfectly in such distortion” as a complete ‘wabi’ art piece as the result. (as once excavated, arranged to be used with sparkling makie-lacquered restorations (nashiji-naoshi), and handed-down ‘till today) Enjoy its wild and profound imperfection with the blackness of glossy dense glazing and its tangible aesthetic for actual use in hands as well. approx. D 11.5-10.5cm (4.52-4.13in), H 6.5cm (2.55in)



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