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Thousand-armed Kannon Avalokiteshwara statue without arms and face     Niga Byakudo – Hanging scroll of folksy Buddhist painting     FISH – Black mingei wood carving yokogi lock 02     HYAKUNIN ISSHU – Japanese calligraphy poems on wooden tags     Old Japanese Buddhist bronze bowl     BAT – Anonymous black pottery jar     Four-nesting Negoro red lacquered bowls Edo period     OZEN – Decayed lacquer-tray with round foot     Kamuy-kotan stone, Abstract Japanese deep black suiseki     Temple and Monks – Japanese funpon painting example Edo period     THREE DEMEKIN – Wood carving telescope goldfishes     Old Japanese Tamba ware flask 19th century     FOX GODS – Pair of votive Inari stone sculptures     MICE – Japanese bronze small okimono Meiji period 19-20c     ABSTRACTIONS – Japanese calligraphed wood tray 19c     Three-color mold of paper mache lucky Daruma doll     YABANE OF TIGER – Hidden handpainted woodboard by master carpenter     ZUSHI – Japanese mingei wooden miniature shrine L     ZUSHI – Japanese mingei wooden miniature shrine S     NORAGI – Vintage Japanese patched cotton workwear     HAORI – Vintage Japanese cotton kimono coat     NORAGI – Vintage Japanese patched indigo dye cotton vest     TANZEN – Vintage Japanese long padded cotton kimono coat     Japanese black lacquered rickshaw hat         MANAITA – Japanese wooden legged chopping board     Unwritten hanging Daicho account book     YAMAJAWAN – Japanese proto-pottery bowl     ORIGAMI AND KIRIE – Japanese handmade sample book 1936     Lava boulder – Antique Japanese bronze vase     Japanese wood carving Kimkara Kongara-doji statue 19c     Old Japanese Shigaraki ware jar Edo period     Japanese Karatsu ware tea bowl     Black mingei wooden candlestick     Reflection – Bilateral old Japanese oil painting     ZUSHI – Japanese folk wooden Shinto shrine     Two Japanese lacquer plates with abstract lacquer repair     Hishaku – Bamboo water ladle for Japanese tea ceremony     Black sabi rust bowl     Japanese Seto-Tenmoku tea bowl 16-17th century     Japanese mingei bamboo sheath hat 01     Japanese Hagi Ido tea bowl by Kanzan     Four long-footed gnarl beast for Japanese tea ceremony room     Skull – vintage Japanese anatomical model         FISH – Black mingei wood carving yokogi lock 01     Japanese oval-flat-flask jar with leaves and waves design     GRAFFITI OF DILIGENCE – Handmade personal dictionary of apprentice     Vintage handmade blue and yellow wooden fishing tools     Zushi – Japanese mingei wooden miniature shrine 01     Zushi – Japanese mingei wooden miniature shrine 02     Black wooden board     SNAKE – Buddhist hanging scroll of Mount Koya     BEAR – Japanese wood carving okimono     Old Japanese martial arts kendo blue sashiko uniform     Well-used vintage Japanese Hanging tied-up fishing net     Bonji – Japanese Buddhist makuri calligraphy of shingon sect     Zen mortar donut stone     Shandao in Gold – Japanese Buddhist hanging scroll 19c     Kamidana – Blackened folk shinto altar     Mountain – Japanese hanging scroll of silver-foiled fan painting     Handpainted Japanese rural map of Edo period 1834     Handpainted rural riverside map of Edo period 19c     Wood carving patterns of tabi footwear     EIGHT – Japanese Shino tea bowl Meiji period 19c     Kamuy-kotan stone, Abstract Japanese black suiseki 1     Ashorogawa stone, Japanese black tamari-ishi suiseki     Kamuy-kotan stone, Abstract Japanese black suiseki 2     Vintage Japanese hanging iron flower basket     Tatoshi – Japanese wrapping boro paper for kimono 19c     Pair of uncompleted Japanese ichimatsu dolls     Stencil of combs – reversible wooden workboard of Japanese craftsman     Uncompleted wood carving Buddhist statue     Ayu – Japanese hanging scroll of sweetfishes     Hyakunin Isshu – Free style calligraphy poems 19c     Eel-catcher – Japanese folk conic fishing tool 20c     Shigaraki tachizaya saggar of Japanese kiln tool 19c     Japanese graffitied woodboard     Japanese Hagi Ido tea bowl     Handpainted Japanese rural map of mountainous area 1818     Abstractions – Old handdrawn Japanese maps     Kannon Bodhisattva, Suiseki of chrysanthemum stone     Handpainted Japanese rural map of mountainous area 1829     Japanese handmade portable Ping-Pong set     Japanese lacquered bento lunch box     SOUND SYSTEM – Japanese metal letterpress types     CITY IN THE BOX – Japanese metal letterpress types     Japanese wooden hako-sumitori box for tea ceremony     Japanese wooden box Edo period 18-19c     Japanese Seto mingei folk art bowl     Old Japanese sahari metal plate with thunder restoration     Japanese enamel signboard Government-designated warehouse     Jizo Bodhisattva – Japanese folk wood carving image Showa 20c     Antique Japanese boro silk chirimen crepe pouch     Noboru – Japanese textile kokeshi doll     HELP – Wooden kanji letter shop sign with gilt     Handpainted Japanese rural map of Edo period 1820     Abstraction – Japanese wooden board     Korean Joseon dynasty folk white porcelain bowl     Korean Joseon dynasty kintsugi folk ceramic bowl     Korean Joseon dynasty folk celadon bowl     Paean for pagoda of Hachiman shrine     Owarinohana – Hand-drawn manuscript of Seto ware encyclopedia 1920s     Shennong – Shinno god of medicine and agriculture     Buddhist graffiti Shino tea bowl by Shuntai Kato 19c         Tohi – Wooden shuttle specially for sakiori textile     Japanese boro army pants 1940s     Wooden pyramid lantern base with single small drawer Edo period     Old Japanese portable mini folding chair     Tropical photo book during Southern Operations 1942     Drawing book of an anonymous Japanese child painter     Manjukasa – Japanese knitted straw rain hat     Zushi – Japanese wooden miniature shrine     Japanese hiragana letter wood block stamps in box 19c     Wrapped pile of papers with textile Meiji-Taisho period     Withered antique Japanese kagamibako case without bronze mirror     Japanese mingei folk art ema votive black horse tablet     Old Japanese boro indigo tabi footwear for child     Vintage mingei folk art tall kokeshi doll by Yoshizo Iwamoto     Vintage Japanese boro sashiko textile footwear cover     Meiping flask of unidentified Japanese black pottery 20c     Japanese copper-green glazed Agano ware jar     Old Japanese iron bread pan with lid     Japanese mingei folk art red lacquered bentwood box     Antique Japanese Bizen large flask Edo period 19c     Antique Japanese Buddhist zushi shrine 19c     Negoro red lacquered bowl Edo period     Old wooden signboard of Tsutakan kimono shop     Antique Japanese leather pillow early 20c     Antique Japanese iron fixing nails for roof tile     Thai Buddhist monk's iron bottomless alms bowl     Antique Japanese mingei Hirashimizu large bowl early 20c     Japanese mingei folk art black wooden box     Salvaged Chinese pottery plate 13-15c     Go-shaku masu – Antique Japanese wooden measuring box 19c     Japanese handmade tin insect cage     Japanese casting bronze vase by Nishi Daiyu     Japanese Early Karatsu tea bowl Shiinomine kiln Edo 17c     Japanese Betty Boop and Girl hagoita battledore     Congratulation – Japanese outsider art brut calligraphy     Vintage Japanese wooden girl hagoita battledore     Antique Japanese mingei wooden kitchen knife holder     Antique Buddhist hanging scroll Blurring-brush calligraphy     Japanese antique Sanshushi stitched seat paper of silkworm egg 19c     Guide to clouds – Hand-painted manuscript book of military science 19c





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