Unusually vaguely calligraphed as ‘Tenshokodai-jingu’ which stands for ‘Naiku’ (Inner shrine) of ‘Ise-jingu’ Shinto shrine enshrined ‘Amaterasu Oomikami’ a.k.a. The Sun Goddess or The Supreme God of the entire nation or originally ‘Taima’ (Cannabis for purification) from the essential perspective through the history of Japan. Hazy and subtle like smoke, indeed. Type of ‘konshi-gindei’ (silver paint on navy paper), but very dark navy color like almost black as unusual. Taisho-Showa period, 20th century. The condition is as seen, with predictable damage for use and age.

Total: approx. H 201cm (79.13in), W 60.5cm (23.81in)



# 839
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