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"hotoke antiques is Eastern Art & Antique shop of website basis, locates in Isumi, Pacific coastal side of Southern Chiba, Japan.

Specialize in the style of Art of 'Wabi (Sabi)', 'Mitate', 'Mingei', and 'The something comparable or mixturable which inspire us'. Including Japanese and Oriental ceramic ware for the use of essential tea ceremony or eclectic modern daily life, and universal folk art objects by various materials, based on Eastern inspiration and its philosophy."



hotoke antiques

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On The Board

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Katsuo-no-Tataki (Lightly Roasted Bonito) on Toban


Similar piece is available. -



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New Acquisitions of Last Week

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 coming soon...



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Summer Greetings

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Echizen seed jar -



Hello all,

We hope you are enjoying the vacation of this season, and looking forward to coming back to us after refreshing.

But, as the notice, we want you to know that we can possibly arrange the price of some available items during this dull season for us.
So, please feel free to contact us for the items you are interested in.
Thank you, and have a good day!


Dai Okumura


hotoke antiques