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AUCTION MATSURI - Sep 29 - Oct 6 (PDT)

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Hi all,

I was just finally back from "day off" (for my local festival, "Ohara Hadaka Matsuri" a.k.a. 'Happy ascetic practices'), and now ready for restarting business.
As the restarting and for clearance sale, some of the remaining stock will be auctioned starting from very low price with No Reserve from Sep 29 - Oct 6 (PDT).
So, please take a look at those listings again if you've been interested in, and please don't miss out this special opportunity.

Good luck and see you soon,



hotoke antiques

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Matsuri in Thunderbolt, 2010


We will not be able to reply for any contact nor moreover do any business
during the time between 21st to 24th of this month (JST).
So, please understand that our response to your email and shipping your purchased items will be delayed.

Thank you for your patience, and we are looking forward to seeing you soon after the time.



hotoke antiques



New Season, New Auction.

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7-DAY AUCTION  -  END :  Sep 15, 2013  12:18:41 PDT - 13:41:38 PDT >>> HERE


Hello all,

We hope you are fine as usual, and you enjoyed a lot this vacation season hopefully. So, we are now looking forward to restarting or continueing business with you. Some of our available items are discounted for new season sale with gratitude, and more new items are now coming up to eBay auction starting from reasonable best price as always.

In advance as we see the situation, please just don't waste your time and money for the wrong auctioned items in eBay by the professional cheats who pretend to be amateur sellers or professional antique dealer for international market specially or the amateur sellers who pretend to be professional antique dealers especially for unexperienced international buyers with no certain basic knowledge. So, please just don't miss out our auction for yourself and for your new season.

Thank you and hope later soon,



hotoke antiques