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Thank you very much for the the last sale. We are now listing new items one by one, and hoping you can come across the one which inspire you. Please check them out.





Again as notification, we started new project, 'modern', which is now introducing works of a modern Japanese porcelain artist, - Takayuki Marui

We, hotoke antiques - do mainly offer the specific antiques as "old new things", but also try to introduce the modern art piece as "new old things" which follow the soul and method of  温 故 知 新  - "visiting old, learn new".

Please also take a look and feel free to contact us if you are interested. 


Have a good day.


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clearance sale again, and new project.

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The rest of listing items of the last clearance sale is now on sale again starting from low price.  Please don't miss the chance.

Also, we just started new project, 'modern', which is now introducing works of a modern Japanese porcelain artist, - Takayuki Marui

We, hotoke antiques - do mainly offer the specific antiques as "old new things", but also try to introduce the modern art piece as "new old things" which follow the soul and method of  温 故 知 新  - "visiting old, learn new".

Please take a look and feel free to contact us. 


Good luck and see you soon,




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Takayuki Marui


Besides antique dealing as our main work, we would like to introduce the modern art works of Takayuli Marui, - white porcelain artist, ceramic intellectual, tea and sake drinker as chajin and yoidore, and my friend - expresses a new possibility and a new interpretation of white porcelain of today in conformity with the roots and the progression of pure white porcelain from Far East, - China (as the origin), Korea, and Japan, - as a sublimated form of traditional Japanese arts and crafts.

Please check his art works provided for hotoke antiques, - http://hotoke-antiques.com/pg423.html and also refer the images from the topics, - http://hotoke-antiques.com/topics5/2013/06/takayuki-marui.html.      

And, please enjoy the quality (specially, of its texture) of his handmade chawan of white porcelain, and also its utility luxury for advanced everyday use besides special occasions.







hotoke antiques












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hotoke antiques




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"Hotoke antiques offers the acme of refined Japanese taste - at astonishingly low prices."    


----- Walter H. Ulrich  (Japanese interpreter, Vienna, Austria)



"High quality antique dealer, beautiful website and enchanting items! " 


----- Yna van der Meulen  ( editor, KLEI keramisch magazine, Netherlands / http://www.klei.nl )



".....Professional, prompt and perfect!....these are the words that best describe Hotoke antiques. They always set the standard for a perfect transaction and i very much look forward to my next with them......respectfully."


----- Glenn E. Doell  ( owner, Curtis Elliott Designs,ltd. USA / http://cedltd.com )



"Being an avid collector of Japanese antiques along the way I discovered this most knowledgeable, refined and educated Japanese dealer Dai from Hotoke Antiques. I have purchased select items from him over the past 2 years and have been extremely delighted with my purchases. Dai is an expert in his field and takes the time and iniative to inform his customers the pertinent information, circa, and history of all the pieces he sells. Dai also has a great eye to offer only the most desirable pieces. I totally recommend his company plus his shipping and packing services are superb since I am located in the United States. International buyers will only be happy with his expertise."

-----  Erik J. Erikson  ( artist, USA )



"Excellent selection, Great dealer " 


-----  Johannes Wieninger  ( curator, Vienna, Austria  http://www.wieninger.com )




"I always find the selection of ceramics at Hotoke Antiques to be very insightful and historically provocative."


----- Doug Navarra ( potter, NY, USA / http://akardesign.com/creators/moreinfo.asp?iCreatorID=724 )



"It's always a real pleasure to correspond with Dai at Hotoke Antiques. He's friendly, knowledgeable and always provides the fullest details about each piece, as well as excellent photographs. Highly recommended."


----- Jon  Morgan  (creative director, Singapore)



"Great stuff. Excellent service. A learning experience. Thank you!"


----- Tom Sachs  (artist, New York, USA / http://www.tomsachs.org )



"Specially, I really love the bowl (Yama-chawan with kintsugi) from hotoke antiques. Of course this bowl is  a collectible item but I use it every day in my chado. Every tea items selected by Dai have powerful and mysterious presence in the same time, but unfortunately I can't buy all of them ! Thank you so much dear Dai for your kindness, the accurate pictures and the great communication. You are an esthete and a very conscientious seller."


----- Jean Frederic Coviaux  ( artist, France / http://jeanfredericcoviaux.blogspot.jp )



"For many years I have had an interest in Japanese art and aesthetics, and in a professional capacity I have been involved in several exhibitions of craft work from Japan. I have discovered, as a consequence,  that it is not always easy to understand, except superficially, some of the basic concepts of 'beauty" that are central to the Japanese way of seeing things. Recently, however, I have discovered Hotoke Antiques, and this has become easier. Dai Okumura's eye for 'Mingei' and 'wabi' objects is extraordinary, and the way he photographs them is outstanding. Somehow, when you consider the pieces that Dai has chosen, you get clearer insights into Japanese culture and, more particularly, into the ideas that Soetsu Yanagi wrote about many years ago in 'The Unknown Craftsman' (probably the best-known book in English on Japanese craft practice). Dai's taste is exceptional."


----- John Hutchinson  (curator, Ireland)



" Purchases from Hotoke Antiques always impress:

  spirit of sabi
  cleanse twilight years  "


----- Dr. Arthur O'Neill  (retired academic, Australia)



"Dai is one of the most knowledgable dealers of Japanese antiques in the net and he consistently offers treasures of outstanding taste."


----- Andreas Kahlig  (antique collector, Vienna, Austria)



"Dai finds and curates stunning pieces that I have had the joy to own. The antiques have also proven to be useful, and I have used all my items to elevate my everyday rituals, taking much pleasure from using and owning the pieces he finds. Hotoke Antiques is a place of rare finds of the most unique kind."


----- Erol Ahmed  ( creative director, San Francisco, USA / http://zafer.me )



"Best ceramics for Chanoyu (Japanese way of tea) I've ever seen on Ebay. Excellent taste and perfect communication. I use the tea tools I've purchased from hotoke antiques over the years in my daily practice and hold them in high esteem. I'm very grateful for all the years I've been having this contact."


----- Tobias Wenzel  (chanoyu teacher, Hanover, Germany)



"I ordered a lot of items on hotoke-antiques.com and was always impressed about the outstanding qualitiy of every single piece."


-----  Ulla Kotzulla  (artist, Dortmund, Germany)



"hotoke antiques has great items, and is always prompt, reliable and professional in sending very well packed items."


----- Jill Barker  (lecturer, Australia)



"Over a century ago, Isabella Stewart Gardner would often write to her Italian Renaissance art advisor for guidance on what to buy for her growing collection of art now housed in the Gardner Museum in Boston. Massachusetts.  Today, on line , we are lucky to have our own Bernard Berenson of Japanese & Korean Folk Art in the connoisseur, Dai Okumura. With the click of the mouse in minutes- advice which took dear Isabella months to receive, we quickly learn what to buy in Japanese folk art. In many E-letters, Dai has helped me cultivate my appreciation of the folk art of his country. Since I am a novice in this field, he has helped me see the hidden beauty of these objects. Objects which haunt us until we realize that there will be no inner peace until we can care for them for a while until they will then be passed on to others to discover the magic of their beauty.
Since I chanced upon the Hotoke Antiques site a few months ago, I have taken on the responsibility of acquiring a few objects to care for.  They have given me in this brief span of time great spiritual joy & happiness.
As a retired person, I have ,alas, limited funds but in order to obtain a few of these inspiring objects in my twilight years,  I am ready to go on a diet of soup, beans & rice -of course with some good saké , sencha & matcha from time to time!
So again, many thanks to our expert,  Dai Okumura.  May he continue in his quest for the Good & Beautiful & prosper in the coming New Year of 2014."


----- Joseph-Ralph Ruffino  (teacher emeritus, Boston, Mass. USA)



"I first discovered Hotoke Antiques on Trocadero in 2013.  I was searching for Mingei pieces of interest that were affordable as Mingei pieces were meant to be.  I have been very pleased with every piece I have ever purchased from Hotoke and will continue to do so."


----- Jennifer Hansen  (senior director, energy industry, Washington DC, USA) 



"I must say you that after my 7 years on eBay...YOU ARE THE BEST!!!  KIND...SERIOUS...HONEST...HIGHT PROFESSIONAL....and,very,very "special" objects"!!!  Really SPECIAL!...YOU ARE UNIQUE! Honestly,It's my sincere opinion."


----- Albano da Silva Pereira  ( artist / photographer, Portugal )



"Hotoke Antiques has exquisite taste in art objects,  each piece selected because of its aesthetic beauty & form.  The purchases I have made from Hotoke Antiques I have been very happy with. Also great communication & service, Thank you !"


----- Todd Barlin  ( antique dealer & collector, Sydney, Australia )