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The term A-un (阿吽?) is the transliteration in Japanese of the two syllables "a" and "hūṃ". Written in Devanagari as अहूँ.

The original Sanskrit term is composed of two letters, the first and the last of the Sanskrit alphabet. Together, they symbolically represent the beginning and the end of all things.[1] In Japanese Mikkyō Buddhism, the letters represent the beginning and the end of the universe.[2]




Relating with the above image and explanation about "a", I'm now preparing for the new project called "tatami" (i.e. 'tatami antiques'), so that I'm sort of busy lately and sorry about the delay of listing the new acquisitions of hotoke antiques. (yes, hotoke antiques will continues as usual, though running slowly.) This new project will be launched soon as I hope also, and I believe you'll be impressed by "tatami" entering from "a" for coming across the new inspirations. Please look forward to that! (But again, hotoke antiques is open now.)



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