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2015, July has come and today is 5th in Japan... As always (?), I can't believe how fast the time has passed this way, specially this year as the first year of starting tatami (from April though) and maybe the next year will be much faster as everyone tell me so.., and the next of the next year will be super faster, and the next year..., maybe even can't realize the speed of time then as I'll be tired of feeling that or I don't know as always. Tomorrow never knows... as I only know I will feel the result of feeling... Anyway leaving away from that crap feeling, I'll ready for listing some new acquisitions in a couple of day as I hope, so please look forward to that. (yes, incluing the pieces of those attached photos.) 
Also, I have a news. In the end of August, we tatami will do installation show called "インスタレーション" (English title as subtitle is "Modern Art / Japanized Antique Installation") at Chiba city museum of art. So, I'm right now kind of busy for that to make brochure or kind of that as I have to organize. Anyway, I'll tell you that more specifically later here or facebook or so. Cheers!


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