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Recovery of mail account

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About the problem of our mail account we informed here before, we already solved this to change options setting of our mail account. So, now it's smooth and no problem at all as you might know. (but please keep on checking your spam folder as well to make assurance double sure.) Anyway, this is just a quick note. We are sorry for the inconvenience of that days. Thank you and see you soon. 



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CAUTION ! Please read the below and check your spam folder !

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Dear all,


Since a sort of technical problem seems to occur in our mail account recently, some of mails are not able to be sent nor be received correctly blocking by random (?) security system.

So, now please check the all folders of your mail box including "spam folder" as well.

We hope the missing mails we already sent you or the mails you think you already sent me will be found in your spam folder or perhaps outbox.

But, if you still can't send me the mail, please try to send me to

We'll keep on updating this situation report here at each time as long as it takes time to be resolved. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Dai Okumura




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Attention Please!

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"... Our eBay's ID has changed to "hotoke_antique"!  So, no more "suki-mono" from today.  Again, changed to "hotoke_antique", though it's not "hotoke antiques" as the correct name against our will, but it's OK.  Again, changed to ..."     




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Matsuri in Thunderbolt, 2010


We will not be able to reply for any contact nor moreover do any business
during the time between 21st to 24th of this month (JST).
So, please understand that our response to your email and shipping your purchased items will be delayed.

Thank you for your patience, and we are looking forward to seeing you soon after the time.



hotoke antiques