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2015, July has come and today is 5th in Japan... As always (?), I can't believe how fast the time has passed this way, specially this year as the first year of starting tatami (from April though) and maybe the next year will be much faster as everyone tell me so.., and the next of the next year will be super faster, and the next year..., maybe even can't realize the speed of time then as I'll be tired of feeling that or I don't know as always. Tomorrow never knows... as I only know I will feel the result of feeling... Anyway leaving away from that crap feeling, I'll ready for listing some new acquisitions in a couple of day as I hope, so please look forward to that. (yes, incluing the pieces of those attached photos.) 
Also, I have a news. In the end of August, we tatami will do installation show called "インスタレーション" (English title as subtitle is "Modern Art / Japanized Antique Installation") at Chiba city museum of art. So, I'm right now kind of busy for that to make brochure or kind of that as I have to organize. Anyway, I'll tell you that more specifically later here or facebook or so. Cheers!


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Mixed installation event of Japanese art and Japanese antiques called EXCESSIVE ANACHRONISMS was successfully ended yesterday. (Thank you all who were coming!)

Some participants including me were the members of tatami, and we actually enjoyed to create the space as our improvisation.
The place was Tokyo Salon so that the guests can hang around with drink and talk to the dealers directly, and enjoy to see and touch the art pieces actually in such nice unusual space.
Personally, I talked to the many guests to share the time and the space as that's my pleasure and I really do appreciate that (Thank you very much!), so that's why I actually didn't have time to shoot the photos until closing. (I didn't have enough time to shoot after closing as well.) . So, sorry for such less photos to not clearly describe how the event was liven up with many guests, but I'll be glad if you can feel the lingering atmosphere at least through the pictures.
Moreover, the day made me want to do such unique art/antique event at the various places in various countries outside of Japan. So, you want to see that? Anyone?
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