Tsuno Daishi and Mame Daishi – Japanese Buddhist talismans

Scarce old type of woodblock-printed Buddhist (Tendai sect) talismans against evil spirits, circa 19th century – ‘Tsuno Daishi’ (The Horned Master) as the deformed iconography of Priest ‘Ryogen’ (= Ganzan Daishi (912-985) a.k.a. The Master of Ogre – Restoration founder of Mt. Hiei) and ‘Mame Daishi’ (The Master of the Beans) as the 33 simplified realistic portraitures of Priest Ryogen with his characteristic long eyebrow.

Left: approx. 24.5 x 11.5cm (9.64 x 4.52in)
Right: approx. 24.5 x 11cm (9.64 x 4.33in)

* Please understand its frame in the photo #1 is not attached with this items.



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