YAMAJAWAN – Japanese proto-pottery bowl

Initial Tokoname-made biscuit firing ware bowl called ‘Yamajawan’ (Yama-Chawan / lit. ‘Mountain tea bowl’), with the unique galactic landscape of inner texture with laudable ‘Furimono’ poured on “evenly” as rare condition (occurs when kiln materials (fragments of ceiling brick) fuse to pieces by high temperatures) and glassy blue/green natural glaze which were naturally occurred by only fire and luck. Impressive natural form in distortion as well. Kamakura period (1185-1333). Recommended not for tea or other liquid use because of its very rough texture with inborn kiln-flaws (cracks and tiny holes). approx. D 14.3-11.8cm (5.62-4.64in), H 6.0-6.5cm (2.36-2.55in)



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