Dai Okumura
Age: 2016
Medium: Paper cup (D72mm, H80mm), Paper plate (D185mm)
Price: 1pc. $2.00 (*5pc. or more – 1pc. $1.20)

“Kurawanka” is originally the generic name of inexpensive Japanese Imari or Hasami blue & white porcelain ware used for the retailing of small boat food vendors who were selling food and drink to the passengers on the bigger boat traveling on the Yodo river in Osaka in Edo period, mid 18th – early 19th century. As the provenance, the vendors abused the passengers using the rude phrase of “Kurawanka!” which can be translated to” Eat it! Drink it, fool! “, so that their small boats were also called ‘Kurawanka boat’ besides their cups or plates.
“Kurawanka” is now defined as those were disposable (throwaway) ware, and another theory is that the customers (passengers) just threw the finished ware into the river to cheat their counting.
Either way, those kurawanka wares are still found from the bottom of river and came onto the market, and highly valued among the antique collectors today in fact.

So, I made such future antique pieces today in this way.





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